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Dating + Shidduch Coaching

What is a shidduch /dating coach?

Applying life coaching skills and experience I have carved a niche in the coaching world, bringing a “breath of fresh air” to the Shidduch & Dating scene.


With tried and tested approaches to your children's future, I work to shed light on many of the complicated and taboo issues and decisions that surround the dating process. Let me help you or your children towards a renewed sense of purpose and towards their personal road to eternal joy. 

We'll explore many relevant and guided questions, together we will create a special path just for you and set tangible goals. Let's do this together! Let me show you practical “WAZE” to navigate the world of dating.

Who is shidduch/dating coaching for?



      - Is my daughter / son ready to date?

      - How do I know what / who is right for her / him?

      - How and where do I start?


      - How do I prepare myself for success?

      - What can I do to get ready?

      - Will the process be like a roller coaster?

      - My parents want one thing, What I want looks quite different?


      - My mom wants me to get married... do I?

      - What if... I don't like the girl?

      - What are some practical good ideas that can help me navigate this road?

Young Men and Women

      - I'm finding the dating process overwhelming

      - Am I turning down good offers for the wrong reasons?

      - Why should I date this person?

      - What's different about this girl or boy than the last ones I've dated?

Upcoming Courses

Upcomin Courses

New Course Dates & Info Coming Soon!

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