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Dating + Shidduch Coaching

What is a shidduch /dating coach?

Applying life coaching skills and experience I have carved a niche in the coaching world, bringing a “breath of fresh air” to the Shidduch & Dating scene.


With tried and tested approaches to your children's future, I work to shed light on many of the complicated and taboo issues and decisions that surround the dating process. Let me help you or your children towards a renewed sense of purpose and towards their personal road to eternal joy. 

We'll explore many relevant and guided questions, together we will create a special path just for you and set tangible goals. Let's do this together! Let me show you practical “WAZE” to navigate the world of dating.

Who is shidduch/dating coaching for?



      - Is my daughter / son ready to date?

      - How do I know what / who is right for her / him?

      - How and where do I start?


      - How do I prepare myself for success?

      - What can I do to get ready?

      - Will the process be like a roller coaster?

      - My parents want one thing, What I want looks quite different?


      - My mom wants me to get married... do I?

      - What if... I don't like the girl?

      - What are some practical good ideas that can help me navigate this road?

Young Men and Women

      - I'm finding the dating process overwhelming

      - Am I turning down good offers for the wrong reasons?

      - Why should I date this person?

      - What's different about this girl or boy than the last ones I've dated?

Upcoming Courses

Upcomin Courses

New Course Dates & Info Coming Soon!

Interested in bringing a course to your community or friends? Email:

Upcoming Courses

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Previous Course Participant Takeaways 

“I liked how you focused on the communication with one’s own child and finding the right shidduch for them- what they want- not what we want! (not our vision of them)"

“Your practical reminders about being a mensch were important”

“Keeping your eyes open for our own children and their friends. Even if it does not work out for your child, there is someone for everyone and perhaps someone else in your sphere or your child’s sphere would be the right match."

“The amazing guidance from the Rebbe and “practical” daily spiritual steps we can apply at this time."

“Keeping it simple is the best way to start out (resume) adding more when requested."

“Being opened to Hashem sending these brochos from different resources/avenues."

What Peopl Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Eternal Joy Webinar Participants:

“Mrs. Duchman’s Eternal Joy course was so practical-really helping one to get from one end of the shidduchim to the other-step by step. She also infused each session with funny anecdotes to keep a heavy subject light. The spiritual infusion of the Rebbe’s directives and bitochon helped keep the proper perspective. The course was done in a professional, positive format that helped us feel comfortable asking sensitive questions. Highly recommend.”

“Overall the course was exceptional! It was well researched -tons of information -very informative. Loved the supporting stories and personal examples you gave. I came away feeling much calmer that I’m not in this alone. We are all going through the same journey and it’s not easy. We have to be strong – have faith- and do our part! Thank you so much Rochel for the course would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a shidduch. Was very well thought out- well researched and made the process seem much more manageable. Thank you for offering your ongoing support. It’s very kind of you! Sending my Love and let me know if you are having a follow up course at any time-maybe like after the engagement. lol.”

“Thank you for the class on shidduchim for our children. Rochel found an effective way to balance the spiritual approach to shidduchim with the directives from the Rebbe-together with practical tips. Specific ways to support and communicate with our children and with others about shidduchim for our children were provided,”

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