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Meet Rochel
My Passion Is Helping Others.

I believe each person has exceptional gifts and greatness to contribute to the universe. Often, I want more for you than you might realize you want for yourself. As a coach, I am committed to helping each individual uncover and reach their limitless potential.


I began my teaching career at the young age of 18, teaching from preschool through High School in New York, New Jersey and Ohio before settling in California where I opened and directed a preschool of 80+ children for over ten years. It was here that my passions exploded, working with the children and their parents to create a unique, warm and informative school experience. In time the preschool grew and expanded, and the necessity for an elementary school became clear. I then filled the role, expanding my responsibilities to principal as well, for the next three years.


Wife, Mother & Homemaker
Married to my husband of  40 years, we were blessed with seven amazing children - six daughters and one son! Raising daughters from sweet little princesses to mothers themselves and then the one little prince to the man that he is today… I will just let you imagine how I now have all the answers (almost! ;) ) Through feisty, moody, hormonal days, through tests, finals, laughter and tears, from dating and engagement to the unique pleasure of each of their weddings and parenthood, to careers ranging from Educational specialist to-party motivators from baby photographers to preschool directors to all fields of education and youth  directors.  Times filled with the richest ups and downs have taught me more lessons than anything else possibly could. Daily… SOMEONE is seeking advice!

Business Owner

I own and operate an independently run gift Boutique for over 12 years. My customers always leave with not only a gift in hand but with a smile and inspiration that they have the tools they need to make the best choices for their lives.

Grandmother - ' Bubby' 

I am blessed with grandchildren from the ages of 18 years down to the age of 18 months. They certainly keep me on my toes and even after all these years teach you a thing or two! There is nothing like the amazing sensation of a grandchild reaching out to their Grandma for guidance and direction.

Mentor + Life Coach
For 13 years in  Irvine, California, I served as mentor to a young, vibrant, growing community, filled with many trials and tribulations. These years were amongst my most enriching experiences, transforming my colors to shades even brighter.​​
After marrying off my 7 children G-d bless, I decided it was time to put all my training and life experience  to use. My journey continued. My passion has always been to help people. Now, the time has finally come to use my talent as a professional certified life coach. I bring along with me a vast amount of experience for many different life challenges.

Certified Life Coach - Infiniti Coaching Training (ICF)

“With Rochel as my coach i got to accomplish my dream through such a pleasant and enjoyable experience. She was always flexible to suit my needs with so much care, love, compassion and her great sense of humor. Having Rochel along with me to reach my once unrealistic goals was the best decision I ever made!”



—  Los Angeles, CA

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