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Park in the Fall

Autumn Coaching



Welcome to Autumn Coaching!

Your leaves are about to change. As your coach, I will be someone you can trust, a good listener, someone who authentically believes in you and is ready to hold your hand. I will laugh with you and cry with you while helping you get there. I will be your advocate while you discover and develop your personal greatness. I will provide the space for you to overcome your obstacles, strengthen your communication skills and uncover your blind spots. I will hold you accountable and empower you to create a life you truly love and desire. Questions are the language of the coach. You have the answers, I have the questions! We are a team and together we can accomplish so much more.

-Rochel Duchman

Helping you and your children navigate the:

Road To



Experienced and Supportive

Dating & Shidduch Coaching

Individual & Group Coaching Available

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My Clients Are

Intelligent, kind, and driven

people whom I am absolutely thrilled to serve. I will learn as much from our time together as hopefully you will.

How I Can Help You

Contact me for your complimentary, introductory session. We will see how i can help you transform your colors one leaf at a time.  Coaching sessions are scheduled by the month, three sessions per month. As part of this package you can also call and text as needed for additional support


Single sessions or individual packages are also available. 

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